Being Sucked

Isn’t it wonderful that sites like Facebook, Netflix, and YouTube automatically launch the next video or post so I don’t have to do it for myself. When I click on YouTube it even lists videos that are similar to the ones I already watched. Unfortunately, it can’t distinguish between my viewing and Clay’s, so I […]

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Our grandkids would be embarrassed. G’Dad and I are constantly fumbling in the dark for a solution that is readily available through the Google. Yes, I said “the Google”. Youngest G’son laughed when I first used that term. It’s kinda like Trump when he refers to “the Blacks”. I am frequently referring to “the Google” […]

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In Transition

Rainy days are made for reading, so while my hyper husband is busy piddling in the barn, I decided to settle down with my Kindle, but wait.. someone might call or I might want to text so I need my Android. Plus, if I get the urge to write (as I am now) then I […]

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