G’Dad and G’Ma

Our grandkids would be embarrassed. G’Dad and I are constantly fumbling in the dark for a solution that is readily available through the Google. Yes, I said “the Google”. Youngest G’son laughed when I first used that term. It’s kinda like Trump when he refers to “the Blacks”. I am frequently referring to “the Google” which I think is appropriate because it is both a noun and a verb.

By way of background, G’dad and I work hard to keep up with technology, but it is impossible. He started out as a database specialist (i.e., data mining) and I was a computer programmer (i.e., systems engineer). Keeping up is not only hard for us but for others. Like the dog chasing the truck down the street, we’ll never catch up, but we have lots of company.

This morning I found myself lamenting that I no longer have a clock radio (an old fashioned combination of clock and radio used to wake people up for work.) so I can listen to NPR when I wake up. Oops, I forgot that I can get Podcasts.  Duh! That’s another thing…. They keep renaming things. A podcast is just a series of recordings so why don’t they just call them recordings. Like Aps are just “applications” that used to be called programs. And the one that tops them all is movie versus film versus video. Oy vey!

But I digress. This whole streaming thing is wonderful. Not only can I get NPR podcasts, but I can get just about anything that has been filmed, recorded or spoken for many years back. We used to lament having 800 channels of junk, but now we have streaming with Youtube,  Empire, Game of Thrones, Billions, and all my favorite tv shows that I missed. That’s the upside. The downside is that I now spend too much time bingeing on series/movies/films.

Oh well…. Have to get back to season one of Billions.


I Miss The Smell of Him

 I miss the smell of him, his smile, and his gentle touch. I miss tousling his hair and massaging his body.  We’ve had some incredible moments together like the night we took the wrong bicycle route. I was sure I knew the way, but by the time I realized we were on the wrong path, it was too dark to go back through the park. So I distracted him by talking about the wonders of exploring new roads. Then we stopped at a doughnut shop for one doughnut each with a shared soda, before continuing up a steep hill. At the top of the hill, we had to cross a car bridge with no shoulder and that was scary.

Finally, way after dark, we made our way home and created a memory. My grandson and I.

Adventure of a Lifetime

We were on our way back home from a bike ride, when my 10-year-old Grandson had taken the lead and went past our turn. We could have turned around and gone the way we knew or we could try a different path. We decided on the different path… and our adventure began.

First, I thought I knew how to cut through and get back on the bike path, but soon realized we were nowhere near the path and were in fact getting farther and farther away. We rode, talked, rested, and rode some more. On one hill, he told me he was tired and embarrassed to admit it. Then I reminded him that he never had to be embarrassed with G’Ma.

At one point we considered retracing our steps to the bike path, but it had gotten too dark (thank goodness G’Dad had put lights on our bikes). Unbeknownst to G’son, I had briefly considered calling G’Dad to come and get us, but even though it was late, dark, and we were tired, we were also enjoying the time together and the adventure of it all.

Our path took us along a quiet industrial, tree-lined street with wide sidewalks,  and a few UPS workers ending their day. We peddled up hills and coasted down all the while chatting away about mostly nothing, but how perfect the weather was.. and basking in our time together.  We don’t usually get much one-on-one time, so like our morning wake-up ritual, this was another  bonding opportunity.

We came into an area with small shops and a ubiquitous McDonalds, but chose a Dunkin Donuts for a rest, and doughnuts. The lady was about to close, but was kind and let us stay while she cleaned up.  Jordan and I talked, drank our sodas and prepared to get back out on our bikes. When we came out of the shop, we were faced with a steep hill and my tough little guy said “it’s okay Granma, we’ll just ride until we get tired and then we’ll walk.”

At one point along the way, we ran out of sidewalk and had to ride about 50 feet in the street across a bridge.  He said he was scared and I realized that as he became a “man”,  he wouldn’t be able to say that. He would have to hide his fears and tears so he could be a “man.” I assured  him I would make sure he was safe, and after we crossed, we laughed and laughed as we rode/coasted down another hill.

The last leg of our trip was across a pedestrian bridge over a highway and he said that was “really cool.”

When we arrived at home, we were both exhausted  and exhilarated. We had an adventure of a lifetime, that we will always remember.

Sometimes taking a wrong turn is the right thing to do.