The Oarsman

Forty years of pulling on the oars is hard to walk away from. You get used to getting up in the morning and trudging to work. You get used to being the “goto” person for problem solving because it makes you feel important. Now I sit on top of the deck trying to relax while… Read More The Oarsman


Could have gone forever not realizing that parts of my body float (and not the obvious parts). Been looking for the right combination of exercises to reduce the overall “float”. My health club offers cardio, weight training, spinning, circuit training, swimming, yoga, barre, and pilates. Which is a great smorgasbord, but the number of options… Read More MY BUTT FLOATS


    Post headlines had story about girl in Mexico who wass under rubble from earthquake awaiting rescue. Then instead of reporting on the number of dead, as they usually do, they reported on the number saved. It doesn’t change the fact that many have died and probably more to be tallied, it just tweaks… Read More TWEAK IT