Paris Day 8: Versailles

VersaillesParis was Clay’s dream, but since we were coming I looked to see what was important to me and Versailles was it. Remembrances from movies, books, and history class caused me to create my own story and pictures in my memory. For some reason, it was important to me to visit Versailles, probably because I have a major fascination with old architecture which caused Clay to stop frequently for me to admire the architecture all over Paris.

Versailles is such a dream that several wealthy Americans have attempted to recreate it. Of course, anything they do is a poor imitation, because they can only copy the structure, but not the essence of its history.  While looking at the ostentatious display of wealth, you can imagine the starving peasants storming the manse.

Curiously, many of the attributes of Louis XVI are similar to President Trump, his love for gold everywhere, “mentally dull, little understanding of the business of a King, awkward, and uncourtly.” But that’s a story for another time.

The only downside was that Tripadvisor had not fully clued me into this place or I totally missed the information. I didn’t know we could have taken a tram ride around the property instead of walking for miles in the hot sun with a tourguide. Also, didn’t know we could have rented a golf cart to tour the grounds instead of walking for miles in the hot sun. Plus, we could have purchased tickets for private tours of select parts of the building.

I’m disappointed because I do not expect to go back because there are way too many other places in the world to see.

Oh Well…. I enjoyed what I saw.

The next day is back to the real world 🙂


2 thoughts on “Paris Day 8: Versailles

  1. Although I mainly enjoyed the art housed in the museums of Paris, I basically found Paris overrated. Albeit I had a wonderful time connecting with my son who was of the challenging age of 16 at the time. Efun is a great travel companion.

    1. We never know about the lasting effects of traveling with our kids…. but trust that Paris made a lasting impression on him.

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