Paris Day 7: Another Rest Day

lidoPrevious day included touring Louvre followed by St. Chapelle and a dinner cruise. Each of these tours included walking from one to another. So this was a day of rest when we simultaneously lounged, read, and napped. The evening plan was to go to the Lido instead of the Moulin Rouge, because the MR had very mixed reviews. The Lido was incredible, beautiful and most importantly…. had dancing. If you know my husband, then you know that he is a dance fiend, fanatic, aficionado, salsero, and all-around dance lover.

The Lido is similar to a Las Vegas cabaret show with two extras… naked tits and a descending floor! When we were seated the server said the people in front of us would be lowered so we would be able to see. Thought I heard him wrong because of the French accent, but he was right. When the show started, all the people seated on the front third of the floorspace were lowered about 3 feet!

I frequently use the phrase “I’m not a prude”, but if I have to declare it…. then maybe I am. I’m so old (… how old are you) … I’m so old that I remember when women in Maidenform bras on TV was scandalous.

Like the penises at the Louvre, the Lido show was full of breasts. Since I’m not distracted by women’s breasts, I was able to view them functionally and practically. My observation was that each of the lady’s were essentially the same height, weight, and apparently had the same breast size, which must make for an interesting job description.

After the show, we checked off another of Clay’s bucket list items…. a walk down the Avenue des Champs-Élysées.

All is right in the world…..

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