Paris Day 5 and 6: Finally the Louvre

Clay and I next to seineBeen averaging 5 –  7 miles of walking each day since arriving in Paris. Our bodies screamed at us TAKE A BREAK… STUPID. YOU’RE NOT 25 ANYMORE. With a planned dinner cruise on the Seine for the evening we decided to simultaneously lounge, read, and nap during the day. Around mid-day, we went to a local sidewalk café for a light lunch where Clay ordered a crepe. It was filled with sugar and swimming in a liqueur. Didn’t taste great but Like Mikey… he ate it. Unfortunately, it stayed with him until we got on the dinner cruise where it threatened to exit. Thank goodness we left the boat before it left the dock. I called the boat company and they were gracious enough to make room for us on the next evening’s cruise.

The next day, Clay was now willing to accept that long security lines couldn’t be avoided so we went to the Louvre early in hopes of a shorter line (and in case you were wondering, we had a “skip the line pass” which did not cover security lines). But our early arrival worked out and it only took 20 minutes to get inside.

The Louvre was everything we heard and much, much more. Like in a maze you quickly find yourself retracing your own steps so we got directions to the Mona Lisa. Ended up with the herd of others who were determined to see the picture. Two days previously, our “free tour” guide [Paris Day 3: Getting in the Groove] explained that the reason for Mona’s popularity is

  • Her enigmatic smile? NO
  • The mystery surrounding her identity? NO
  • The fact she was painted by Renaissance pin-up boy Leonardo da Vinci? NO

What really catapulted the small, unassuming portrait to international stardom was her theft over 100 years ago causing her image to be splashed across international newspapers. Two years later the thief was finally caught and the Mona Lisa was recovered, becoming the best-known painting in a time before we shared images on TV, internet, and phones.

Even though we know “the emperor (aka Mona) has no clothes”, we still push to see and photograph this one picture. Below is a photo taken by Clay. As promised all pictures taken here will include pictures of others taking pictures because the crowd is at least 10 people deep.

Mona Lisa

The Louvre is not just huge, it is overwhelming, so after 3 hours we were ready to move on. But before I move our story along, let me say that I have never seen so many penises. Not sure what was going on in ancient Greece, but everyone, (men, women, and children) were nude. Hence, every statue and much of the art showed people in various poses but always nude or mostly nude. In fact, ALL of the male statues had exposed penises. I’m not a prude, but…. Enough already.

Next we went to St. Chapelle which was another find discovered from our “free tour”. The guide said it was on the beaten path but still not on most people’s radar. Letting Google lead the way, we found the old dusty building. (Oh yeah… everything in Paris is old and dusty.) Upon entering, you are looking at a lower level chapel which even in disrepair is beautiful. Then at the top of a winding staircase you find an unbelievably, incredibly beautiful, stained glass room!

NAP TIME….  time to return to our room and rest before our river boat ride.

The ride was beautiful… yada yada yada, but a weird thing happened on the boat…. an old friend from Dubai arrived with a lady (not his wife) and another couple. What made it weird was trying to figure out if we should acknowledge him or not.

Seine boat ride

He looked at me from across the boat and smiled. We hadn’t seen him in 5 years, so he could have divorced, but since we weren’t sure… we decided to play it safe and not acknowledge him. Now, I’m sorry, because I would have loved catching up. Oh well….. c’est la vie


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