Paris Day 4: Pièce de Résistance

louvre 2
BTW… what numnutz decided to put a 20th century pyramid in front of a structure built in the middle ages !!!

This is the day for our planned visit to the pièce de résistance – the Louvre! When we arrived, Clay took one look at the line and declared that he was not going to stand in a long line! Keep in mind that the primary thing he wanted to see in Paris was the Louvre and with all the recent terrorist attacks, there was no way he could cut the line without being hauled away by security. I left knowing that we would come back after he adjusted his mindset to the realities of security in Europe, we walked away.

Avoiding the security line provided an opportunity to make lemonade out of lemons. So we walked to the Opera, which provided a chance to see more of Paris. Didn’t know what to expect at the Opera House because it was not on our backup list so we were gobsmacked (always wanted to use that word in a sentence) by the opulence of the opera. There is so much gold there that it could have been designed for Trump. The most remembered event was when two “real opera” singers serenaded us in the lobby. What a treat that was!

Croque Monsieure at Cafe Pais

After touring the Opera House, we stopped at Café de la Paix for a croque madame. My daughter would call the place very “frou frou”, which translates to very expensive. (BTW… just found out that money spent on vacation is like Monopoly money. It isn’t real. So you can spend as much as you please.)

Left the Opera house and headed back to hotel for our afternoon siesta. (Naps are wonderful! May make them a regular part of my day.)

Upon awakening from our nap, we decided to walk over to see the Eiffel Tower light show. Typical crowd of Parisiennes laying on grass with many bottles of wine while waiting for the show to start. The show consisted of strings of Christmas tree lights wrapped around the frame of the Eiffel and twinkling off and on. Sorry but we’re jaded, spoiled Amercans and were therefore duly unimpressed by their twinkling lights.

Oh well… Stopped at sidewalk café for drinks before heading to hotel.

Even though we didn’t see the Louvre, we had a fantastic day!

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