Comic-Con: A Parallel Universe

Comicon - Meatwad and FrylockYou cannot escape the world of Comic-Con in San Diego. The geeks/nerds are everywhere. (I can call them that because hubby and I are one of them.) You cannot help but run into them as they are highly recognizable by the costumes they wear.

Before I continue, let me explain that Comic-Con is a four-day event held every summer at the San Diego Convention Center. According to Forbes, the convention is the “largest convention of its kind in the world.” This year, 2015, it filled the Convention Center to capacity with more than 130,000 attendees.

The Convention Center is right out our backdoor, so we had to go! Plus we had to get our geek/nerd membership card updated. Even though we’ve gotten into cosplay a few times this year, we were not prepared with a costume, but the first event we attended had face painters. We got to choose between several well-known characters as shown in picture below.Comicon - Meatwad and Frylock heads (2)

Granted, these characters are only “well-known” to geeks/nerds who stay up late at night watching shows like Aquateen Hunger Force. (Full Disclosure: I had never heard of Aquateen prior toComic-Con, but Hubby knew all about them. Not sure, but I think it’s better that he watch these wierdly funny shows late at night instead of XXX programming, but it’s a close call.)

I selected the character, 2nd from the left called “Meat Wad”. He is described as “having low intelligence, naivety and trusting nature which causes him to be abused and manipulated by others…” Had I known more about his character, I probably would not have selected him (not sure why Hubby didn’t redirect me). On the other hand, he chose Frylock (3rd from the left) who is described as “by far the most logically thinking member of the Aqua Teens.” In hindsight, I think hubby set me up.

After we got our faces painted, we were officially “in costume.” We felt like celebrities because people kept stopping us to ask to take our picture.

A good time was had by all….

Stay tuned….

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