Who Am I?

who am i 2Ones’ identity is usually defined by what we do… that produces income. Policewoman, congress woman, business owner, are all nice neat definitions that anyone can understand. But, If ones identity is tied to what we do then who are we when we don’t do anything that generates money (i.e., retired, consultant, artist)? In my past life, my answer would be used to determine my value so as to ascertain whether the questioner would engage in conversation with me.

Unlike those born with a name (i.e., Rockefeller, Hilton) that in itself says they don’t work, I found myself contemplating an answer. Though I would never want to be defined by the police as a “person of interest”, I also don’t want to be classified as a “person of non-interest”.

Rather than be stymied by this question of identification, an opportunity was surfacing. I can define myself! Wow! What a novel idea.  I should have thought of this years ago. In fact, I remember a time when I was in a playful mood while at a B&B, and passed myself off as a travel writer. That was a hoot. I still remember speaking the words out and watching the expressions on the faces around the table. Suddenly, I was a celebrity. I was interesting!

Self-identification is liberating! Plus it offers the added benefit of changing whenever the mood or circumstances change.So I ordered business cards that have the title “adventurer / explorer”. When I wrote that 2 months ago, those two words embodied my dreams. Now… working on making that dream a reality (if I don’t kill myself trying).

Under the guise of adventurer/explorer, I climbed Cowles Mountain, the highest peak in San Diego. It’s a heart-pumping 3 mile vertical climb, but the key word here is “vertical”. I thought I’d never get to the top, but my husband wouldn’t let me give up. It took an hour and a half to make the round trip followed by a 2 hour nap. The next week we went on an urban hike called “7 bridges”.

Who said hiking has to be in the woods? Urban hiking is so cool! It allows you to see the details, hear the sounds and feel the energy that city life vibrates.  Houses and buildings that we previously zoomed past in our car, take on a certain richness and come to life when hiked by. Then there are areas that I would never have seen if not for this hike. It was an adventure and exploration into the heart of the City of San Diego. Unfortunately, the explorer in me pooped out after 5 bridges and two hours of walking over hill and dale. But, since I’m not a quitter, I now have an opportunity to redo the hike to completion!

With my hiking juices flowing, hubby and I hiked a few Torrey Pines trails that started with an ascent as steep as Cowles Mountain, but only about a mile long (whew!). The total hike was about 3-4 miles with the last leg along the sun-dappled Pacific Ocean, which made the hike totally worthwhile.

The adventure continues…..

Stay tuned…

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