It’s All Relative

EscherIf Einstein is right then it is okay to sleep late and stay in my PJ’s all day because there is only NOW. I can’t waste time. Is it lazy to sleep late and stay in ones PJ’s all day? Should I feel guilty wasting this precious commodity called “time”.

I know I shouldn’t feel lazy, but a 30-year habit of waking at 6am is hard to break. Waking late makes me feel as if I’ve wasted part of the day when I could have been doing something productive. In the time I spent sleeping, I could have been improving my body (exercising) or my mind (reading/studying). I could have been productive, which is how I’ve always measured myself. At the end of a day, I would look back and see what I checked off. If most things were completed, then I counted myself productive. If not, then I wasted the day.

On the other hand, wasting time by resting, is really relaxing and that should be just as important as exercise. I choose to view my time as an opportunity to recharge my batteries. To destress. To unwind. To become whole again.

So today I relaxed.

Stay tuned,

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