Endless Vacation: Working and Living in Coronado

infinity poolImagine life as half vacation…. half work.  I know that’s hard to imagine. Does that mean you work a week and then vacation a week or work a month and then vacation a month? No… in this scenario every day is half vacation and half work. What… how could that be? Well, let me attempt to explain the unexplainable by an example.

Wake up at 6am and walk 2 miles starting along the San Diego Bay. Followed by a vanilla latte at a bayside kiosk. Back to the apartment where we read the Wall Street Journal, and I then head off to work. Leave work at 4:45 and bike, walk, or drive to yoga class in a studio that could only be found in California (very serene). Head home and stop along the way at any number of restaurants. Then pour a glass of wine to take down to a hot tub by the pool. Next day…. begin again.

If the vacation never stops then is it still a vacation? Can you take a vacation from a vacation? The answer to both is ….No. To vacation is to vacate from something or somewhere so by definition… you cannot take a vacation from a vacation. I have inadvertently fallen down the rabbit hole, and get to experience vacation just about every day. It is impossible to capture in words.

3 thoughts on “Endless Vacation: Working and Living in Coronado

  1. I taught school during the day and created art at night ( I had two lives). Now that I am retired, the night gives me “the willies” so I am trying to become a “wee hours in the morning person”. I am finding this very difficult so my art making has decreased. Sob sob!

    1. The family joke is that I am always awake by 6am. Now, I’m trying to get over feeling like a slug when I sleep til 10 or 11. Learning to relax, breath and let go. No longer in charge of anybody or anything and I’m lovin it.

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