Every Day is a New Day

the good lifeI keep having these “best ever” days, because moving to a new place means that all experiences are new. Everywhere I go, every thing I do is new. It’s the life a child lives. The difference is that I don’t have a parent telling me ” no don’t touch that”. I get to fully experience everything.

Yesterday we began the day at a Ted Talks lecture at UCSD and ended the day at a James Bond symphony starring Sheena Easton conducted by one of the original Bond music producers. I was moved to standing applause several times. I simply could not sit still. I had to acknowledge the stupendous music (not often I get to use the word stupendous). Aside from the incredible music, the experience was flavored with a mix of nostalgia for the old James Bond films, with full orchestral sound that they don’t seem to do anymore.

clay at Sheena Easton concert 2Then we discovered another opportunity to be kids again… there was a group at the concert hall that does “walk arounds” in costume. For example, they were at the concert dressed as characters from various Bond films. (That’s Clay in photo with one of the characters.) Then we learned┬áthat we too could participate in their “walk arounds”.┬áSo, just like children… we can dress up and play.

Life in San Diego is like a drink of water from a freshwater spring….

Stay tuned for more “new day” experiences.