Urban Living – redux

My husband grew up in Washington DC, so whenever I mentioned that I’d like to move into the city, he let me know that I had no idea what that meant. So the compromise was to live in surburbia, but close to the city.

Like most spouses, I love opportunities to hear my spouse say the three golden words “you were right”, but it is now my turn to utter those words. I finally got my wish to live the urban lifestyle, and now I do know what that means.

On the positive side, it means that I can walk one block to the grocery store and numerous shops and restaurants. It means there is free live music on the waterfront just 2 blocks from house, and the added bonus of fireworks over the water at least 3 days a week, and, I regularly see ginormous ships pass by that are so big as to block out half the view of the city. Plus, the navy seals do their water and air exercises right outside of my window.

On the not so positive side, it means that along with the fireworks come the sound of car alarms set off by the fireworks. The free music and restaurants draw large crowds of tourists so the restaurants frequented by the “locals” are now overrun with tourists. It also means that on days when I can work at home, I get a close-up and personal experience with every delivery and trash truck in the area as they beep beep beep during their backups. Just love the people driving by who like to share their music with the world plus, I get to listen to the live music at the Ferry and from across the Bay whether I want to or not unless I close my windows and doors. Then there are the navy seals, as cool as they are to look at, their boats and planes make a lot of noise.

So.. to my husband “you were right”, but even with all the noise and confusion, I’m loving urban living. The picture below is the view I get every waking moment that I am home…. not so shabby huh 🙂

This is the view from my balcony 🙂