Every Day Is A Top Down Day

Where I came from, Washington DC, I could only put the top down on my convertible 5 months out of the year and then ­­­­only if it wasn’t raining. When you consider work days; springtime rains; days I rode with someone else; vacation days, etc… that 5 months gets down to about 15 days.  In San Diego, I can put it down every day, and I’m loving it. Wonder if it will become such an ordinary thing to do that I will stop appreciating it. Sure hope not…

There’s something special about us convertible owners and every ­­­time  we see one another, we wave, wink, or slightly nod as acknowledgement that we’re members of a club. It’s like having a secret that comes with the convertible, and unless you own one, you can’t share our secret. Well, I guess it’s not really a secret. It’s about freedom. Feeling the wind blowing through your hair. Smelling all the scents you pass like a dog with his head out the window. Hearing all the sounds including Rap music being played by yunguns; seeing the sky and clouds pass by (yes… we can look up and all around). An indescribable experience!

In other words, It Never Rains in Southern California. Who cares as long as I can drive with the top down all year ‘roun.

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