Urban living

Been wanting the urban, walk-around lifestyle for many years… and finally got it!!! On top of that… I have a view of the Bay, lots of boats going by and can walk, or bike to EVERYTHING! Talk about a dream come true.  But (and there’s always a but), with urban living comes noise. I am two blocks from the ferry landing where they have outdoor, live music every Saturday and Sunday afternoon (nap time). There is a bandstand on the downtown waterfront, and the music travels across the Bay right into my living room. Seaworld is several miles away, but the nightly fireworks are both pretty and loud, and when Seaworld is not shooting off fireworks, the Petco baseball park is. The skateboarders are frequently passing by under my window day and night.

Since I’ve always wanted urban living, .. it seems incongruous to complain. How can I complain about such an incredible view with boat traffic ranging from half kayaks and jet skis and sailboats to tankers large enough to block the entire city skyline! How can I complain about the ability to walk 2 blocks to the Ferry landing with my comfy folding chairs where I can listen to pretty good free music, dance and eat pizza with ice cream. And, apparently I have another complaint coming up about being forced to watch the fireworks from my balcony, because the beach and streets will be packed with tourists.

Be careful what you ask for…..

Stay tuned

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