Proud to Have a Closed mind

ImageMany of my thoughts are triggered by my Grandson Jordan. He’s 10 years old and like most kids his age, he has very specific food likes/dislikes. In fact, his list of dislikes is extensive. This results in many discussions starting with “just try it” or open your mind to the possibility that you will like it. His response is a very firm…. Grandma, I have a closed mind. He’s not bragging. He’s just stating a fact. I finally capitulated and acknowledged that each of us has food likes and dislikes, and as he gets older, his food choices will expand. I agreed that I ­­would no longer hound him about what he eats (while I secretly plot ways to get vegetables into his dietary repertoire).

Wouldn’t it be nice if adults could be as open and/or aware of when they have a closed mind. It reminds me of an ad campaign from the United Negro College Fund that “a mind is a terrible thing to waste”. Some people get an idea set in their minds like cement. No matter what anyone says or suggests, they stick to their idea like crazy glue.

I also have a granddaughter with a closed mind when it comes to exploring possibilities. From my vantage point, I can see the folly of her thoughts, because she is at a time of life when she can literally pick and choose from a cornucopia of possibilities… if only she would open her mind. But, most of us know people with closed minds.

Sometimes a decision to stay stuck in the Crazy Glue is due to fear. Fear of the unknown. Fear of change. Fear of success or failure, etc. Most of us know someone who is stuck, and sometimes we ourselves also get stuck. Then we have to be like the 1984 Apple ad where they smash through IBM. We need to smash through our own individual fears to succeed. 

Life goes on….

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