The Whirlwind

partial viewMoving three thousand miles away from home, arriving on a Saturday and beginning work two days later has got my body saying WOW.  It took three days to adjust from East Coast to West Coast time. On top of that, I didn’t realize I was walking around in a jet-lag fog until it lifted and I could see clearly again. Kinda like the person who gets their first pair of glasses and is shocked to discover how blind they had been.

Information from new job is truly coming at me like water from a fire hose. Thank goodness I had the foundational knowledge or I would be absolutely drowning. This is my fourth day and I’m just beginning to get my feet back under me. Tomorrow I’ll be standing, and next week I’ll be running like the wind 🙂

Pretty much settled in my temporary studio apartment on Coronado Island, and am very pleased with what they describe as a “partial waterview”. The complex is so nice, that if I had a 2-bedroom, I’d be permanently settled. Our lifelong dream has been to live on the water,  in a walk-around area … just didn’t know we’d have to wait this long and  travel so far to get it.

Oh well…. better late than never.

Stay tuned.

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