Priming the Writing Pump

writers blockMomentarily misplaced my creative writing gene. Curious about where it went? It is usually triggered into action by interesting stuff… so I guess I haven’t encountered or done anything interesting. And that’s a bummer. When I had brunch with girlfriends, we discussed our progress in meeting our individual goals in 2012, and I couldn’t even remember having a goal. The upside is that if I didn’t have a goal then I can’t chastise myself for not meeting it.

But, getting back to my lost writing gene and interesting stuff. This has actually been a very boring year. I had two major long term contracts. Both paid well. One was incredibly boring and I could have done it in my sleep. The other was more interesting, but extremely stressful and all consuming. After the stressful contract, I remembered that I work for myself. Therefore, I gave myself permission to take the month of December off­­­­­ from work.

When I first started blogging, I told myself I would not write just for the sake of writing because I want to be able to say something interesting…. I want to say I did a full triathlon this year (but I only thought about doing it). I want to say I completed a Century bike ride (but I only thought that too).

I can say that I will start training for a mini triathlon next month, and I hope to start my dream job next year, and that I will find/rediscover my writing gene.

Who knows how it(life) will turn out… and that’s what makes life so incredibly cool.

Stay tuned