Life Is A Book: Make It Meaningful

After reviewing a conversation with a 20-something, I realized what I should have said. She has a 6-month internship and is enjoying life after college doing all the things you would expect… happy hours, drinking, followed by happy hours followed by nightclubs and more drinking… repeat.

I should have asked her how she wants her life-book to read at the end of 6 months. Does she want it to say she spent countless hours at happy hours and nightclubs or does she want it to say she explored all possibilities until she was exhausted. That she biked, jogged, took a walk through the history of our country by visiting all the museums, swung through the trees on ropes, volunteered, visited all the jazz/orchestral/rap concerts in town. That she drank fully from the cornucopia of things that Washington DC has to offer.

For that is the way we should consider our lives…. that we are writing our story. Every day we write another page. Imagine that you are reading your story from yesterday or last week. Would it be interesting? Would it be filled with life or ordinariness (if that is a word)? Was it the same old, same old? But, more importantly, is that how you want your book to read?

Then after “reading” your story from last week, you get to decide how you want today’s chapter to read. Because, remember…. this is your life and you get to write it.

Stay tuned.

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