Top Doc: My Vote For Best Medical Professional

He greeted me as if I were a friend. He stood leaning against the counter and asked me how I was doing. No chart .. just eye contact. Wow… what a pleasant experience. Previous visits to various doctors usually involved a doctor with his/her eyes down and focused on what had been written in the chart 5 minutes ago by the nurse. Then the next  five minutes involved reviewing the information that the nurse just took…AGH!!!

This visit felt more like talking with a person who cared. He listened. Made brief comments. Asked clarifying questions. Nodded as I spoke, and waited for me to finish. After the examination, he made detailed comments and prescribed.

Now I know why (Dr. Rothman) was listed by Washingtonian Magazine as one of the top GYN’s in the Washington DC area. If not for him, my illness may not have been diagnosed, treated, and cured. Wish I had found him sooner.

Stay tuned.

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