Things Are Scary When You’re Small

Just ended a glorious week with two of our 10-year old grandkids…one boy and one girl. We figured we’d put them in a computer camp so we’d only have to entertain them in the evenings, and what a great idea that was!

I had been forewarned that the grandson wakes slowly, so I had the opportunity to gently wake him by calling his name, gently stroking his arms and legs, and kissing his cheeks. Then we’d play this game that he was still sleep until I gently tickled his stomach and watched him smile. All things I never did with my own kids, because I was too busy. What a shame.

The week with them was a reminder of how special, fragile (emotionally and physically), energetic, open, and impressionable kids are. It also reminded me of things from my childhood. So when G’son said the blinking alarm light in the hallway was scary, I taped it over with a piece of paper. When they asked to leave the light on in the bathroom because they didn’t like it dark when sleeping, I did. I could have told them they need to grow up and stop being scared, or I could acknowledge that things are scary when we are small.

An exhausting but incredible and unforgettable week!

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