Spaceship Hijacked – Where is George Clinton?

It was billed as a George Clinton (i.e., Funkadelics) show beginning at 6pm. It turned out to be an NMAAH (aka National Museum of African American History) show.  I am a long standing contributor to NMAAH. I believe in NMAAH. I strongly support AAH, but…. Don’t get in the way of the Mothership!

I had picked up the kids from summer camp and arrived at 5:45 to be sure to get a seat under the tent. They balked at sitting for 45minutes, but agreed to do it for G’Ma. So, we sat and watched the parade of greyhairs arriving to take a trip up into the ship.

At 6:10 the MC started and introduced Meshell Ndegeocello (Who’s bad idea was that?), who thought she would win the greyhairs over by doing a poem about “I’m Black and I’m Proud”. Didn’t work. As she continued her non-funky, psychedelic  performance, the audience patiently waited for her set to end and “Bring on da funk”.

After sitting through a painful set of psychedelic, weird jazz, Tom Joyner took over as MC and was followed by luminaries connected with the NMAAH, and a video of the NMAAH groundbreaking. We are all thinking “OMG … when will this end… bring on da funk!!!”

Long story short… this was my shot at revisiting my youth via the Mothership and I missed it. The Gran’s patiently sat for two hours and the ship still had not landed. I couldn’t ask anymore of two 10-year olds. I used it as a lesson in “getting over it”. I explained that I had been excited to see the show, I appreciated their patience,  and I was disappointed that I missed it, but… it’s not the end of the world. I’ll catch the ship at its next stop.

Stay tuned


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