Irene is Coming: Grab your surfboards and shoot the waves!

Last evening the atmosphere was orange. This morning the winds and rain are arriving. Tuned out the constant drone of news reports and sat on my covered porch to experience the moment. I can hear the tinkle of raindrops and see the tree branches swaying. The humidity has dropped and the air is a soothing warm temperature. Maybe this is what they call “the calm before the storm”.

I sit here in anticipation and wonder what will actually occur. Will it be another “storm of the century”? Will it fizzle out and be no more than a nice summer rain? Then I realize that’s what makes life interesting. It’s the unknown. No one ever knows what the next moment will bring, and that is what adds excitement to life. The newscasters are able to play into our fear and excitement of the unknown. It’s like watching a scary movie when we sit in a dark theater anticipating the unknown.

This morning I observed that the birds had gone to wherever birds go before a storm and there were no insect sounds. I watched my husband gather all the loose items around the yard and appreciated having a protector.

We have a choice… we can hide under the covers and fear the unknown; we can sit in the window or on the porch and be awed by mother nature; or we can grab our surfboards and shoot the waves.

You choose.

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