I am an Athlete

I walked into the Washington DC Convention center to pickup my “packet” for my first triathlon and saw these signs for “Athlete” packet pickup and realized they were talking about me. I was an “athlete”! Wow!

I’ve always been active and was once a tennis rat, racketball rat, and biker rat, but never considered myself an athlete nor did anyone call me an athlete. That term has always been saved to indicate someone who is a professional, not us amateur wannabes. So I was impressed by the moniker and hoped no one discovered I was a fake.

I never really intended to do a triathlon (wim 8k; Bike 20k; Run 7.5k) . I only planned on learning how to swim, and in case I actually learned, then I would consider doing the TRI. In fact, three weeks ago, my girlfriend, Maureen, and I did a practice open water swim and jointly decided we were not ready and stopped training. I felt such relief at getting my life back and not having to spend all my spare time training so I put my swim bag into the closet. Then her daughter, Pam (Miss Ironman) talked her back into the TRI, and she inturn talked me back into it.

So suddenly the clock was reset and I was busy trying to figure out, or convince myself, that I could/should do it. She got me hooked when she said “if not now… never”. So, today I ran my first triathlon. Today I am an athlete.

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