Really Bummed

Sometimes we covertly sabotage ourselves. Submitting college applications late or applying for an out of town job after the deadline or over exercising to injury just prior to a race are all ways to sabotage ourselves. But… I swear I didn’t do it.

I was getting anxious and excited about the possibility of doing a sprint triathlon and really ramped up my exercise routine. Went swimming Saturday, weight training on Monday and  walking on Tuesday. Shouldn’t have been a big deal, but I did too much weight on Monday causing back aches, but I got over that. It was the walking that got me. Now, you are asking why walking should be problematic. It’s because I’ve hooked up with two personal trainers who can’t run due to knee injuries, but walking for them is 1-click away from running. Runners average 7-8 minute miles, and we walk a mile in 10-11 minutes. Up until now, I’ve been able to keep up, but this week they added hills to the “walk”, and my knee complained very, very loudly. So, here I sit with a balloon-sized knee, which is preventing me from participating in my first practice triathlon. Oh well…

Really bummed…

3 thoughts on “Really Bummed

  1. Ahhh,it was not sabotage. It just happened that way. I am just so proud of you for being in the game. Thanks for sending positive energy our way!!!!!!

  2. Ouch – I hope your knee feels better and you’re able to move forward with the triathlon training.

  3. Lissa… I’m trying to do the right thing. Want to walk and bike, but will be patient and ease back in. Today will be my first day to try swimming again. Stay tuned.

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