Swim fins are like training wheels

Swim fins are like bicycle training wheels…. eventually you have to take them off. Friday was my first full hour without fins and guess what… I did it. There are many times in life analogous to training wheels like having a learners driving license, dating prior to marriage, or working as an intern. The bottom line is that eventually you have to do it for real.

I didn’t think I could swim without the fins, but I did it. I won’t say it was easy, but it wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be, and now that I’ve taken the first step… I know I can. I was so elated after my first try that I was determined to get back into the water as quickly as possible. So the next day, while on vacation, I went to the indoor pool, but found that a regular pool is too small for a “real” swimmer. Wow… I’m a real swimmer now! What that really means, is that I’ve progressed to the point that I need a pool with enough length (at least 25M) so I can stretch out and really practice my stroke and breathing.

Continuing the analogy… a marriage requires time. Dating is really practice and the first years are all about learning how to breath and stroke until two people are synchronized. One of my swim instructors said he put in 30 hours a week in the water when on a swim team for four (4) years in college. That really helped me put my little 3 hours a week in perspective.

So, my 3 hours a week is just enough to “begin” to learn how to swim. Like all Type A’s with inflated egos and “can do” attitudes, I knew I could learn to swim in a few months. Boy, was I wrong! Yes, I’ve come a long ways, but I have so much further to go. You may recall that I latched onto this idea of swimming, because I “might” do a sprint triathlon this summer. Instead of committing to the triathlon, I committed to learning how to swim (backdoor way of allowing myself to quit without quitting). The idea was that if I could learn how to swim, then I could commit to the triathlon. The triathlon is next month and next weekend, I will participate in a practice run.

Stay tuned… and see how she swims.

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