My last days on earth

If I knew this was the last month of my existence in this world, I would sit in my Adirondack chair on my back deck with a light refreshment and relax until I was tired of relaxing. I would reflect. I would invite my closest friends, my family, and those who I admire and respect. I would enjoy every sunrise and sunset. Like a dog hanging out a car window, I would sniff the aromas of life. I would let everyone that I know and love… know that I love them and more importantly, I would tell them why. I would walk barefoot in the grass.  I would apologize to those that I inadvertently hurt. Like a child, I  would be honest with everyone about everything. I would engage in meaningful conversation.

To the young… I would attempt to pass on what jewels of wisdom and knowledge I have learned that might be useful to them. To my peers, I would discuss shared experiences. I would relax.

I would release my ego which I have in abundance. I would express my pleasure and displeasures as they occur. I would not hold anything back. I would spend more time with my women friends who I have dismissed as weak. I would be authentic. I would relax.

I would embrace those who I have distanced and explain the reason for the distance. I would acknowledge my best friends who don’t know they are my best friends.

Most of all…. I would relax.

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