Changing Lanes

 All these years of observing runners, joggers, and swimmers, I thought they were just doing it for fun or exercise, but recently realized that many of them are “in training.” Wow… what a revelation. Apparently, once we learn how to do something we just want to see how far we can take it. We want to beat someone else at it or just challenge ourselves and what better way than to enter a competition!

Now that I’ve been taking swimming lessons for 2 ½ months, I envision everything through the lens of swimming. I imagine that we are all in different swim lanes… one lane for the athletes, one for the deep thinkers, one for the artists, etc. Like swim lanes, we can easily move from one lane to another simply by dipping under the rope line, and what that’s what I’ve been doing. During the last ten months, I’ve gone into the storytelling lane, the swim lane, and the singing lane. I am having a blast dipping under the ropes going from lane to lane. I linger longer in some than others, and that’s okay.

Changing lanes is exhilarating, fun, scary, challenging…. And I like it.

My last days on earth

If I knew this was the last month of my existence in this world, I would sit in my Adirondack chair on my back deck with a light refreshment and relax until I was tired of relaxing. I would reflect. I would invite my closest friends, my family, and those who I admire and respect. I would enjoy every sunrise and sunset. Like a dog hanging out a car window, I would sniff the aromas of life. I would let everyone that I know and love… know that I love them and more importantly, I would tell them why. I would walk barefoot in the grass.  I would apologize to those that I inadvertently hurt. Like a child, I  would be honest with everyone about everything. I would engage in meaningful conversation.

To the young… I would attempt to pass on what jewels of wisdom and knowledge I have learned that might be useful to them. To my peers, I would discuss shared experiences. I would relax.

I would release my ego which I have in abundance. I would express my pleasure and displeasures as they occur. I would not hold anything back. I would spend more time with my women friends who I have dismissed as weak. I would be authentic. I would relax.

I would embrace those who I have distanced and explain the reason for the distance. I would acknowledge my best friends who don’t know they are my best friends.

Most of all…. I would relax.