Who are these people?

I see them running on the mall in 35 degree weather and biking at dawn and golfing between the piles of snow. Who are these people? They’re like aliens. Not like the rest of us. What drives them to do what they do?

I recently re-started spinning classes (that’s stationery biking, not knitting), and I am now surrounded by these aliens. Not only do they participate in these extreme sports, but they do it at 6am in the morning! They’re morning people! How can they be so bright-eyed and bushy tailed so early in the morning! I, on the other hand, am dragging my butt out of bed and having major pep talks with myself just to get there. Then I play this game with myself, where I say I’ll only stay for 30 minutes. Then at the 30 minute mark, I figure if I’ve stayed that long then I can stay another 10 minutes, and eventually I’ve talked myself through the whole hour.

This is a backdoor way to say that I’m considering doing a Century (100-mile bike ride) this summer. My friends are doing a mini-triathlon, which I’d love to do but my brain can’t talk my ski-injured knee into it.  Pam, the youngest among us, said “you can do the aqua-velo”, which is the swim bike portion without the running. Oh great I say out loud, while in my head I’m trying to come up with another excuse.

I actually went to the briefing session for newbie’s who are considering their first mini-tri, and was inspired by the stories of those who did their first Tri last year or two years ago. They too were not swimmers and some didn’t even have a bike when they started. So, if they can do it, why not I.

Let me count the reasons why not… I am old enough to be the grandmother of most of the people at the newbie briefing. I am overweight. I got out of breath just climbing the stairs to get to the meeting, and did I mention that I am old enough to be their grandmother? I did gain inspiration from watching seniors (55 – 74) do an ironman on TV, but I’m still seriously wavering. I want to be smart and ease into this. I know I can handle the biking part, so I can’t really call that a stretch goal except that I’ve never done a Century. I really want to become a swimmer, which would truly be a stretch goal.

The good news is that I can only torture myself with this decision for two more days when, as my Dad would say, I have to p—- or get off the pot.

Stay tuned.

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