He’s A Quiet Guy

  As my voice started coming and going, I finally figured out the best remedy might be to stop talking for awhile. Then, after thirty years of knowing him, I discovered that he’s a quiet guy. Wow! What a revelation! If I don’t talk, there is silence in the house!

Sitting at the breakfast table is a different experience when no one is talking. But, he seems to be okay with silence. Suddenly, I feel like I’m in one of those cartoons where the man sits behind his newspaper ignoring his wife until she pours hot coffee in his lap to get his attention.

 I always prided us on our great conversations. I even remember the time we were traveling to Ocean City and took the wrong road for ten miles because we were so engaged in conversation. Maybe I thought we had great conversations, because I was doing all the talking. In my defense, I’m not totally clueless. Sometimes I become aware that he’s tuned me out. I can tell by the look in his eye. That’s when I jokingly confront him and ask the usual wifely question “Did you hear anything I said?”

When asked how he feels about my talking, he said “he enjoys hearing the sound of my voice”. (Which is a wise response learned from 21 years of marriage.) As I reflect on this, I’m not sure what to do with this new information. It feels like I should do or learn something from this cold induced laryngitis experience. Maybe I should just stop talking to him for awhile and see what happens. Maybe I should ask more leading questions so he will talk more. Or, maybe I’ll just continue entertaining him with the sound of my voice.

 Stay tuned

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