A Resolution I Can Keep: I Will Never Diet Again

At 20 years of age, I began my first diet. I weighed 115 pounds. I watched the scale relentlessly and as soon as I gained a pound, I immediately stopped eating. This went on for years. Once I was going through the family album during a Thanksgiving gathering, and could not believe how thin I was at 115 pounds!! My dieting continued for the rest of my life but the need ebbed and flowed through racketball, tennis and growing a business.  Naturally, age began to make it harder to stop the gain, and eventually the weight crept up on me. I was mortified at 140 pounds when I married!

Like most fat Americans (and now I really am), I’ve done Atkins, South Beach, Optifast, and everything in between. I’ve been up and down, and down and up, and then praise myself because “I’m able to keep it off for almost a year”. Boy… was that a stupid thing to say!

This is the year I swear off dieting. I will never diet again. Saying that is so freeing! I know how to lose weight and I’ve proven I  know how to gain weight. I understand the physics of calorie expenditures versus storage. I know this incredible machine is the most efficient mechanism on earth, and so much smarter than I. So when I eat more than I need, my body gets busy and stores it away until it is needed for a nuclear blast that kills all animals and vegetables except for me.

The commandments for the Non-Diet

  • I will not berate myself for overeating
  • I will seek out fun, active things to do
  • I will spend time with others who are active
  • I will eat sweet fatty foods… on occassion
  • I will not eat by the clock
  • I will keep delicious, healthy foods in the house
  • I will not have seconds… unless the food is really, really good
  • I will take care of this body that is mine for such a short time
  • I will enjoy life
  • I will make good choices

It’s all about balance.

 Stay tuned…

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