OMG !!!

OMG The year in review…. A look back in time…. The most incredible year of our lives… Every year we want to be able to say “Oh my God… the last year was the most [positively] incredible year of my life.” That’s how we want to live and eventually we should be able to say “Oh my God… the last month was the most [positively] incredible month of our lives].

Incredible for some might be losing 25 pounds, conquering a phobia, or finding the cure for cancer. For me, it meant degunking the arteries of my life. We had become so intellectually and spiritually sedentary that our souls were creaking. Our blood had slowed to a crawl. Our spirits were dormant! We were comfortable, complacent, and happy. But wait a minute, except for the complacent part… comfortable and happy should be good things!

I was happy but my soul was discontented, and saying that makes me wonder if it’s possible to be happy with a discontented soul. Maybe I wasn’t happy! Maybe I just thought I was! But this is getting way too philosophically deep. So maybe I was conflicted? On the other hand, Clay just keeps ticking along without a worry in the world, which makes me think there just might be something to this meditation thing, because he meditates every day.

 Whatever the case, my sojourn in the Middle East was like rotorootering my soul, spirit, body, and mind. We cleared junk out of the house for our son to move-in, which meant an opportunity to throw out things we had been keeping just because they were too good to throw away; because we might use them one day; because the kids might be able to use them; because, because, because. We couldn’t figure out why we held on to skis that we hadn’t used since my knee surgery fifteen years ago had ended all hopes of ever doing a double black diamond out west. We gave away stained chairs that we keep for overflow gatherings and an assortment of other stuff that lined the front of the lawn for others to take away and store in their respective attics and garages. All this was done to make way for the OMG experience.

 We hiked a Wadi. We climbed a mountain. I took horseback lessons. We had countless glorious evenings walking towards the sunset along the Persian Gulf. We made as many friends in 10 months as I’ve made in the last 10 years. I became a better and more interesting teacher. We learned there are as many different types of Muslims as there are Christians. We learned that girls cloaked in abayas are the same as girls everywhere around the world.

 Streetwise punks say “I can do a year standing on my head” while referring to prison. Not to compare marriage to prison… but prior to this year, I would have said “We can do a year apart standing on our heads… because our marriage is strong”, but when faced with that decision, I knew I couldn’t do it. I knew that what made the last year magical was having him to share it with. I knew that if I returned to the Middle East without him, it wouldn’t be the same. I’m now in the process of having an OMG year right here in the US. I took a storytelling class that ended with a scared-to-death stage performance. I’ve signed up for a chorale group advertised “for those who cannot sing”, and [drum roll please] I might sign-up for a motorcycle class. Clay is working in his dream job, Director of Cyber Security at UMUC.

So… we’re busy working on keeping the physical and spiritual arteries from clogging back up. Wishing you and yours a [positive] OMG year! Aleta and Clay

8 thoughts on “OMG !!!

  1. I am so not used to this cybertracking of dear friends but it is what it and that is we are in touch. I am busy holding down things over here, music, family and church work Uggg! I still feel blessed and highly favored.



    1. I have reluctantly been dragged into this cyberworld of communication. Love it for business, but not so much for personal communications. One of us needs to pick up the phone and call 🙂

  2. Aleta,

    OMG…. this is the best motivational piece I’ve read in years! Time for me to get going too! Gotta “dejunk the arteries in my life” too. Thanks for sharing this great message.

  3. In time, we will all unfold and know our other self.
    Leta Baby Girl, love reading about your emotions for a change. I could feel the exhaulations in the words. Very happy to know that your arteries are open for new life force to enter. Life is amazing when we are not stuck in a specific life style all of our days. Proud of you for taking the journey of a life time.
    Sounds like you went through a rebirth of the soul. Yes, daily meditation is certainly the key to graceful unfoldment. Encourage you to practice it and you will be OMG every day. There’s more to come when you let go.
    All the best in 2011,

    1. Your knowledge of me as a geek, nerd, technologist is acting as a filter of what you hear from me. I”ve been talking about my emotions for a long time. Just look back at some of my other blogs or… ask me 🙂

  4. I saw the joy on your face back then in Dubai and am so glad to hear that the searching and exploring of both your own limits and the world around you continues. Looking forward to hearing more about the search and its wonders in a couple of days.

    Best wishes to you and yours for a blessed 2011!

    1. Thank you… You are a dear inspiration to me. I hear you talk about your weekly family gatherings and wish I had that kind of tradition. But, then I realized that family does not have to be biological. So, I can create my own, which can be so much better, because what causes family strife is that we can’t pick our blood relations. Love always.

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