Through the eyes of others

We approached the ATM at the same time. When he saw me… he sped up with a smile as if to beat me there, which he did, but then he demurred and beckoned for me to go first. He saw me hesitate and asked why. I attempted to make a long story short by telling him about the old days when banks had a drawer one could open and drop in a deposit. (Note… my local Chevy Chase bank just closed their last “drawer” last year.) He then asked if I had an ATM card, to which I answered that I did but it was in the car.

Then he told me that I could use the card to make a deposit. It was at this point, when it dawned on me that he saw an old person who did not know how to use an ATM. This forced me into a defensive position and I began to give him the long story of how the bank wasn’t really my bank and he began to explain that I can use any ATM from any bank…. But it’s not like that, I said. You see credit unions have “relationships” with other credit unions so one credit union will accept deposits for different credit unions. Plus, I’m making this deposit for my husband and I don’t have his card… and I had intended on going in the bank and making the transaction through the teller… He looked puzzled and gave up trying to explain to an “old lady” and I gave up trying to explain banking relationships to him. We walked away together smiling and talking about the weather as we went to our respective cars.

Stay tuned…

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