American Reinvestment and Recovery Act

Why can’t the donkeys be more like the elephants? For the past year, I have been ranting about how the elephants “take no prisoners” while the donkeys are busy “reaching across the aisle”. Consequently, the donkeys have lost two hooves and may be legless in two years. The Dems need a PR firm! They need to follow the McDonalds model… never stop advertising! The Republicans are always “in your face” with one thing after another (i.e. Rangel, big government, abortion, guns, blah, blah, blah), and they have great slogans “support the troops or support terrorists”.

If you asked one person what has been done with the stimulus money, they wouldn’t be able to point to anything. A PR firm would splash accomplishments everywhere, all the time! I finally saw a sign showing where stimulus monies were spent. The sign was next to a road construction project and said something like “This project is part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009”. Ugghhh! First of all, it contained too many words to read as one sped by. Secondly, we have short attention spans so why not keep it simple and say something like “Stimulus money at work… 400 jobs created”. Short and to the point.

Please…. Won’t someone hire a PR firm for the donkeys before they haven’t a leg left to stand upon.

While I’m ranting…. let me get one more thing off my chest…. Will someone please tell President Obama that he doesn’t have to take credit for everything. For example, todays headline “Obama proposes 2-year pay freeze” should have said “Orzag, OMB chair, proposes 2-year pay freeze”. Then Obama doesn’t look like the bad guy.  So, when there’s good news the press can say “Obama ends the war in Afghanistan”.

Reminder to President… nice guys lose elections.

One thought on “American Reinvestment and Recovery Act

  1. Yep, the results of the stimulus package are unknown to almost everyone. Those Dems should hire the same PR firms that orchestrate the Reps. Those Reps always sing together in key. I will always remember how they sang their famous scare phrase right before Iraq, “We don’t want the smoking gun to be a mushroom cloud”. It got your attention.

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