It’s Okay to Take a Day Off

Choosing between being conscientious and going with the flow is part of my daily decision tree matrix, and the conscientious side of me usually wins…. But not today. Today, I linger over the newspaper. I write a letter to the Editor of the Washington Post and I will skip my exercise class. Today, I will do the important stuff. I will take time to meet and talk with the mother of my grandson. I will eat whatever I want. I will blog, work on my story for an upcoming storytelling salon and maybe, just maybe, somewhere along the way I’ll fit in a couple of “probably should do” stuff, but not too much, and I won’t feel guilty that my husband works as I play.

We don’t give ourselves enough time to just goof off. We are so caught up in the mundane, routine, and downright unimportant stuff that the really necessary soul-feeding things get lost. But not today. Today, I will goof off and it’s alright. Sometimes, I look at my grandson and just want to follow him around and do all the silly things he does. But is it silly to run out the front door, around the house, and back into the rear door. Is it so silly to hide in the closet under the hanging clothes and jump out to scare the next person to pass by? I remember my kids doing that. I remember doing that. I remember the smell of my parents in their clothes closet.

Not only is it okay to be irresponsible (once in a while), it’s a moral imperative. Maybe we should designate one day a year as “national goof off day”. The one day when no is allowed to be “responsible”. A day when everyone over the age of 18 must follow in the footsteps of a four-year old. A day to remember what it feels like to explore, to marvel, to touch, feel, and smell everything. 

I invite you to take a day with me.

Stay tuned

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