Singing Outside of the Shower

Looking around at those I love, I realize that many are stepping wayyy out of their traditional boxes. Louis, my lifelong friend, is now a Blues Band leader and harmonica player. My husband, Clay stepped out a few years ago and became a motorcycle rider and avid dancer and dance instructor. Marsha, another lifelong friend, is now a master swim instructor. What makes these activities special is that they all represent major life changes. Most have been staid business people, government employees, and trainers. Now they have branched into something entirely different. 

Tired of watching from the sideline, I’ve decided to get out of my box, but it’s a struggle. Been in the box for so long that my body has conformed to its shape. Having always lived a very organized, structured, and rigid life, it’s really hard to “get loose”. I want to sing outside of the shower… want to dance in the streets… want to…. want to….. want to GET LOOSE.

So, the first step in my journey out of the box was to take a storytelling workshop. I’ve always enjoyed watching the greats like Cosby, and thought “why not give it a try!” I actually dipped my toe in the waters a few years ago by telling my story in competition and took second place (loudest applause from my friends put me over the top). Just tried it again and was successful (meaning I didn’t make a fool of myself”, but it was hardddd and scarryyyiiiieee. 

During my career, I’ve spoken before audiences of 300 or more including speaking at Congressional hearings, but telling a personal story before an audience of 40 people was the hardest public speaking thing I’ve ever done. It took me out of my comfort zone (i.e, out of my box), and that was a good thing.

Currently preparing my next story.

Stay tuned.

One thought on “Singing Outside of the Shower

  1. Excellent story! As I said earlier with your blogs on the storytelling workshops, I believe in sharing our stories. I’ve taught classes on the subject and participated at a very minimal level. I’m now at a point where I need to tell a story to a large group and have not yet gathered my courage. Your blog has push me closer to my goal. Thanks, Lissa

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