Failure as a Woman: I don’t Bake Cookies

Can that be a picture of me baking cookies! How’d that happen! I don’t bake cookies. All through my parenting years, I baked muffins, bread, pies, and carrot cakes until my kids said enough with the carrot cakes already. Strange, I can’t remember ever baking cookies, until now.

This all came about because my neighbor and friend asked me to join with several other women and each of us were to bake six dozen cookies for her daughter’s wedding. Apparently this is an Italian wedding tradition. Now there are times when one can say NO, but this wasn’t one of them. On top of it being the wedding of a young woman who I had watched grow up, my neighbor, and mother of the bride, had just lost her husband of 30 plus years. You just can’t say No in this kind of situation. So I had an “opportunity” to stretch by doing something new.

So, I set about baking cookies. Actually, I thought about it, worried about it, pondered it and finally got around to it. First, I looked up cookie recipes on the Internet and prepared to make my first batch of sugar cookies. The recipe called for the dough to be chilled in the fridge before cooking.  The problem occurred when I removed the dough from the fridge…. It was rock-hard which provided me with another opportunity to…. Try again.

After trashing the rock hard cookie dough, it occurred to me that I could simply buy a boxed cookie mix. The only reason this did not occur to me earlier is that I am a die-hard “scratch” cook. I have been frequently heard to proclaim that making something out of a box or can is not really baking or cooking. Nonetheless, the clock was ticking and I wasn’t really feelin’ this cookie bakin’ thing. So I bought a couple of boxes of cookie mix. My niece who was visiting for the weekend was listening to me “talk about” baking cookies but she wasn’t seeing much action, so I awakened on a Saturday morning and she had surprised me by baking the cookies using the box mix. Great… four dozen down and two dozen to go.

I went back to the Internet… got an oatmeal cookie recipe and proceeded to make the remaining two dozen cookies.

Now… I am woman, hear me roar

Stay tuned

One thought on “Failure as a Woman: I don’t Bake Cookies

  1. You are no failure – not as a woman or in anything else – and you have been a big success at making me happy. And, by the way, I enjoyed those cookies – you had to hide most of them to stop me from eating them up before the wedding.

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