The Internet Sucks: Unplug Me

The PC is a drug. I pass by the door of my home office and decide to pop in to check on a recipe, or a movie schedule or anything and the next thing I know… I’m surfing the web. One thing literally leads to another and another… until I’m sucked in. An hour or more has passed and I’ve forgotten what I was doing when I passed by. Ahhh!!

The PC has taken over my life and I can’t seem to break free because everything I do is on the Internet! My garden needs weeding and filing is piling up along with laundry that needs to be folded, but the PC beckons and sucks me in. I use the computer to pay bills, check on insurance estimates, get a copy of a check from the bank, locate contractors and on and on. Everything I need is on the computer!

This is the ultimate love-hate relationship. On the one hand, I wonder how on earth I ever got information before the Internet. On the other hand, before the PC (BPC), I took time to sit quietly and read a “real” book (as opposed to one of those Kindle or IPAD things). I would use the telephone to call and track down information, and I would spend hours in the garden.

Now that I’ve become a Droidite things have gotten worst. Now I can be on the Internet anytime wherever there’s a WIFI connection! I’ve become my kids!

Stay tuned…

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