Washington DC… The New Playground

While living the UAE, I was constantly observing how incredible it was to live in such an exciting, multicultural space. Last night, my husband and I took our niece out to a salsa dance party in downtown Washington DC. (She’s the one in the picture with her shoulders out. Oh… to be young again.)  I was recovering from an allergic reaction to a medication, which offered an opportunity to observe the crowd instead of being part of the crowd.  I sat on the fringe of the crowd on the rooftop of the Hilton overlooking the cityscape of downtown Washington on a perfect, starlit, 85 degree night. I was amidst an incredible multicultural crowd dancing to a live salsa band and wondered why did I have to leave for a year in order to discover what was right before my eyes. How come I never saw this before. It was as if, I was blinded by my expectations. I expected to see the Washington that I grew up in. The Washington that was conservative and Black and White.

Everything has changed before me, but I did not see. I missed the new generation entering the scene and changing everything. I missed the transformation of the “Black Downtown” as it became the new “it spot”. Last week, to see for ourselves, my hubby and I hung out listening to free, live jazz at Café Nemo on U Street.

I still miss living and playing along the Persian Gulf, but a quick glance at the Washington Post, Weekend section is positive proof that DC (aka DMV) is the new playground. New Yorkers will no longer complain that the town goes to bed too early.

Stay tuned….

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