I Am a Snob: And It’s Okay

I can’t help it. I cringe when someone uses a word incorrectly. I prefer avoiding the hoi polloi in discount stores and the economy sections of airplanes, and I look down on Jerry Springer fans. Apparently these attitudes define me as a snob.

At first, I felt bad about this before I realized there is the antithesis to snobs. Those who turn their noses up at others who enjoy classical music, first-class seating for a higher price, and shopping at Harris-Teeters, when food is cheaper at Shoppers Food Mart.

So how come no ever speaks with disdain about the anti-snob? Aren’t they just as bad? Of course they are!

Now you may ask why I am ranting about this. It’s because I spent the past four days on vacation with “people unlike me (my family)”. The living room TV was tuned to programs that I only ever saw when quickly passing through with the remote. I saw an obese woman disrobe on national TV in preparation for fighting on the Jerry Springer show. I found myself saying things like “I can’t believe people actually watch this stuff”, and then I realized the people around me (my family) were not only watching the show but were very familiar with it. OMG… am I part of this gene pool!!

Then I began to realize that if I’m a snob, then they are the antithesis of snobs, because they can’t understand how I can watch the history channel, Frazier, and other similar fare. So, I guess that means we’re all snobs!

But, wait a minute, when living outside of the US, I became very aware of the obvious…. We’re all basically the same no matter race, gender, ethnicity, education, or cultural background. And, no matter what, we are family with different experiences, and though we may fight and argue, at the end of the day… we still love one another and in a pinch we’ll be there for one another. So, if I’m ever in the hospital and my family comes to visit, I’ll just turn on Jerry Springer and be glad they came.

Stay tuned.

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