Was It Just A Dream?

When asked “how does it feel to be back home? “, I do an inward search for an answer, because I’m not sure. It feels good, strange, green, comfortable, ordinary… it feels the same. It is as if I woke up and discovered that I dreamed about living in the Middle East for 10 months. As I sit on the back deck watching the rabbits, squirrels, chipmunks, and listening to the birds…I feel like I never left.

I am disoriented. Four days ago, I was transitioning by living in a plush hotel resort on the Persian Gulf. Ten days ago, I was reciting a hip-hop poem at a graduation ceremony  in a Middle Eastern college in the small town of Ras Al Khaimah just 45 minutes from Dubai.  Now I sit on my front porch in Virginia watching my neighbors jog by.

It feels like something is missing. It feels too ordinary. Ten months ago, I was lamenting the comfortable rut that had become my life. I wore my husband out with constantly referring to our rut…our routines. The same restaurants, same activities, same, same, same. Ten months ago, I was afraid to climb out of the rut, but we did it.

 The siren song of comfortable routines beckons, and it’s keeping me off balance. Part of me longs to fall into the embrace of old patterns and old relationships. While another part of me longs for the daily freshness that comes when living in a different country/culture. I miss the surprises that appear around every corner. Living in the UAE was like a “living museum” where everyday scenes could have been a diorama.

Waiting to see which fork to take next.

Stay tuned.

8 thoughts on “Was It Just A Dream?

  1. I am elated that you have made it back safely and along with that you have brought back your experiences to share with us! For many of us are living vicarious through the life of Aleta and Clay.

    I enjoy reading your well crafted stories, they make me feel as if I were there with you. I can relate to your feeling of returning back to a place of the ordinary occupied by exhausted citizens. Especially, returning from a place of adventure and filled with surprises. I am sure it gave you a rush each day not knowing what to expect but in the end realizing that it was all worth it, and if you had to do it all over again, you would without a doubt!

    I look forward to speaking with you in person!



    • Yes… I would definitely do it again… but would tweak it a little. I have learned so much. In fact… that sounds like the topic of my next blog “What I learned” 🙂

  2. Yes! Isn’t that the weirdest thing? No matter how long the outing, the day after always feels as if this is the life we lead and that little side trip was just imagination. It felt so important/life changing/exciting/horrifying at the time, how can it not be intensely with us forever. Guess that’s what photo albums are for.

  3. WAAAW! I can’t believe this! am I dreaming right now 😀

    REALLY !! You are Aleta one of 3 teachers in my graduation year. I’m glad to be a tiny part of your many experiances in UAE. I missed u alot.

    What a coincidence 🙂

    I was talking to my sis on the phone, I opened my HCT email, I saw ur e-mailz, I started to talk abt u, she didn’t know u, I copied “Dr. Aleta Wilson” frm my inbox and paste it in google… Then I found this blog 😀

    I started to read … I discovered very different aspects about you … the way u were thinking … The experiances u lived here in UAE 😀

    I’m so sorry, This is my first time to read a blog & respond. I don’t’ know how to choose words properly!
    I want you to know that even when I read your topics I’m still learning a lot of things frm you.

    your student,



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