Used to imagine having a place like the Cheers bar where everyone knew my name. Have now found that place. Unfortunately, it’s the local Baskin and Robbins, which has added inches to my waistline. Actually, it’s easy to be recognized in a small town where the staff remain for at least three years. Here, in the United Arab Emirates, 80% of the population is expats here on 3-year visas. So when you go to any retail outlet, you can be pretty sure to see the same people working there. Since I am one of the few African American women in town, they always remember me. It actually feels comforting to be recognized and to be able to say “I’ll have my usual”.  Yesterday, when I approached the BR guy, he immediately began by  apologizing that he didn’t have my favorite flavors of butter pecan and jamoca, because of the chocolate theme-of-the-month.

When my husband went to the local cleaners, he was wondering how they kept track of who he was because they don’t have a ticketing system here. Don’t know how they do it, but they always get our clothes back to us. I think it’s because of the plethora of cleaners (seems like 1 for every 20 residents) in town that each probably only has a few customers, so they can remember each one.

Oh well, I’m enjoying the fact that “everyone knows my name”, until I get back to the big city of DC in the USA.

Stay tuned…

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