Every Day is a Vacation

Traditionally, a vacation for me has been one where I can lay on the beach or on the deck and read and nap. As my career shifted from non-stop madness into semi-retirement, my vacation needs changed and my husband and I began to seek out more active vacations, and now we’ve finally found what I call the “continuous vacation”.

A vacation is a time to leave behind the familiar and explore the unfamiliar. Moving from the US to the UAE is a daily experience of exploring the unfamiliar. In other words, a daily vacation. Every day begins with a drive over semi-familiar roads but never knowing which way the traffic will actually flow. Because here in Ras Al Khaimah, the driving patterns are based more on where a driver wants to go than on where the driver should go. Most roads do not have curbs. Therefore, drivers are not constrained and can and do frequently drive off the road to get around traffic.

Along the road to work, one never knows whether goats will walk out on the road or continue to ogle from the side. Thereby, prompting drivers to politely honk to help them make up their minds. Then there are days when camels, cows, and/or sheep appear. In other words, quite a cornucopia of possibilities.

After 10 months here, I am still struck quiet when approaching the Persian gulf. I just can’t believe I am 15 minutes to the water. It’s always been a lifelong dream to actually live on the water, so this is pretty close to fulfilling that dream.

Every day is a vacation. Don’t know if I can ever go home.

Stay tuned….

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