Ticking Time Bomb

We human beings are always in a race. We have the arms race, a race for the cure, a race to space, a race to the bottom, a race to the top, a race against time, a race, a race, a race. We are always racing. It’s like some innate desire to compete for anything, at any time, against anything.

What would happen if we didn’t race? Would we rust like idle equipment? Would our blood stop flowing? Our brains stop thinking. No, our brains can’t stop. In fact, some can’t sleep because their brains won’t turn off, and our nervous system keeps the blood flowing, which keeps us from rusting. So, we don’t have to race, but we do race. We race from one thing to another. We race up and we race down. Whew, it’s exhausting just thinking about all the racing we do.

At my time of life, my biggest race is against the clock. It’s like a ticking time bomb. Tick, tick, tick, tick. Forever present and never silent. Tick, tick, tick, tick. And with each year, it grows louder. TICK, TICK, TICK, TICK.  I choose to drown it out with activity. I move to another country to work. I volunteer. I motorcycle. I bicycle. I take piano lessons. Hi ho, hi ho…. My activities drown out the ticking.

Friends try to remind me of the time bomg whenever they send an email about someone else who has passed on… a nice colloquialism to say that their clock stopped. But, I ignore them. I protect my clock. I keep it safe in a nice, sturdy, wooden box hidden locked away deep in a secret place that no one knows.

I believe that as long as I keep active, the hiding place of my clock is safe.

Here is the “storyteller” version 

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