I Accidentally Climbed A Mountain – Wadi Bih

It was going to be a dune walk, but Bob said it was too windy. Then he decided we would go Wadi walking. By the time we got to the Wadi, he couldn’t find the trail. So I accidentally climbed a mountain.  Now you may be wondering how one can accidentally climb a mountain, but that’s exactly what happened.

It started out as a search. Bob, Bev, and Jeri were sure they had seen an easy trail that meandered gently across the mountain to a plateau with incredible vistas. We couldn’t see the trail from the ground, so we decided we needed to go up a bit until we found it. So we all began to climb while searching for the trail.

At some point, we recognized we couldn’t find the easy trail, and so far the climb hadn’t been too bad, so we decided to continue. You may recall that I bailed out of my last mountain climbing excursion because it was steep with loose rocks and for very serious athletes (which I am not).

So far this climb was easier and that is how I got suckered in. The lower portion had a gradual incline, with good solid rocks for hand and footholds. There was the occasional area where I had to pull myself up, and at one point, my husband Clay had to give me a push, but all in all, it was challenging but not too difficult. As we got higher, one of our friends made the mistake of looking down and started experiencing vertigo. She and her husband decided to go back. That was an opportunity for us to bail out, but I didn’t. I was enjoying the climb and had mentally committed, and right after they left, the incline began to get steeper and the ledges got smaller.

But, I continued on up the mountain stopping to rest a few times, but I made it up and I made it down.

It was a great day to accidentally climb a mountain.

Stay tuned.

3 thoughts on “I Accidentally Climbed A Mountain – Wadi Bih

  1. Wow, I’m very impressed. While reading your blog, I worried about the coming down. You covered the experience in a sentence. What adventures you and Clay continue to have!

  2. Want to tell the full story but it takes a lot of writing and rewriting and rewriting to make the reader feel what it was like. I was excited, panicked, happy, scared, and ultimately relieved to get down.

    When we got back home, we looked at one another and couldn’t believe we did it.

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