The Hike

Ran into a couple vacationing in Ras Al Khaimah. My husband and I explained that we lived here and she asked “what do we do here for fun”. That question was obviously prompted by the fact that RAK is a small town and there is obviously not a lot to do. In fact, they had been here for 3 days and had probably done everything in two days.

Fortunately, I was raised during a time when people had to “make there own fun”, because we didn’t have all the prepared diversions available today. So we had lots of houses parties and card parties and neighborhood picnics. So, the expats in RAK have also developed their own diversions. One of the activities is a twice weekly “hike”. Following is my experience on the Hike.

3 thoughts on “The Hike

  1. Aleta, I love this post because I can identify with it completely. I, too, take a brisk daily walk. I, also, do a number of floor exercises some with weights. And I use an elliptical machine regularly – two or three times a week. Climbing a mountain, however, I’m not prepared to do. Our church makes and annual trip to Orkney Springs near Bryce, VA. The heartiest of the group hike North Mountain on Saturday morning and feast without guilt at lunch. I’ve only made that hike once, although I know how rewarding it would be to see that gorgeous view of the Shenandoah Valley.
    I continue to enjoy keeping up with you and Clay via your blog.

  2. After further reflection, I probably won’t go back because it is VERY dangerous. The montains are covered with rock and shag which makes falling a real possibility. They told me afterwards that the ridge was about 5 feet wide. They don’t use helmets, gloves, or any protective gear. I take my hat off to them, but it’s not worth risking serious injury.

  3. You are so amazing and so much braver than I. Having grown up in the mountains, they center me. But no amount of exercise would make me strong enough to think that I could conquer one — you make peace with it.

    Love to you and Clay — we’re having fun watching your grandson — who found every snow drift his mountain to climb. Nancy

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