Life Lessons – Make a Decision

Assess possibilities and make a decision. Used to be easy, but now… not so easy. Sometimes, I simply pass the decision on the another person, because that’s easier. I was beginning to wonder if I was losing it until I realized that what has really changed is the realization that decisions we make in the normal course of the day are usually insignificant. It doesn’t really matter where we eat lunch or which lounge chair we choose. It is true that a decision to eat in a fast food restaurant may not be the best choice or a lounge chair in the sun can cause sunburn, but I still say those choices are unimportant.

Then come the real choices. The life-changing decisions. Whether to relocate or not. To change jobs or not. To work or not. These are the category 7 decisions that alter lives. As I was teaching decision trees to my class, I was silently plotting my personal decisions on a tree. Decisions made on any of these branches will dramatically alter our equilibrium and those around us.

The good news is that we altered our lives when we decided to move to the UAE last year. So we’ve had some practice. We moved from a very comfortable home and lifestyle to very different lifestyle. One that is comfortable in many ways and uncomfortable in some… what I call Twilight Zone. But, that’s another story for another time.

Now, we must focus on our decision regarding a move. If we move, one lifestyle will die and be replaced by another. I was able to peek at one friends lifestyle during a video call. We could see Louis sitting at his kitchen table as he described his morning ride to take his grandchild to school. He has his routines and an enviable connection to his children and grandchildren. Periodically, he will talk about the possibility of moving to a less expensive area, but I don’t think he will disrupt his life.

To move or not to move…. Flip a coin… after I recover from the UAE move…. we will move again. Why? Because it felt good removing some of the rust from the pipes. Even though we were in a comfortable rut, we can always jump back into a new comfortable rut. In the meantime, we will continue to explore life.

Stay tuned.

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