Experience of a Lifetime

Whirlwind, unexpected, indescribable, incredible are just a few of the words to explain 2009. This time last year, we would not have imagined being in the UAE among such incredible people, experiencing new things literally every day. Just this evening one of our dinner companions was talking about “when they lived in Shanghai” while another discussed “living in Thailand” as if everyone lives and works all around the world. We felt like such rubes because this is the first time we have lived outside of the US.

To say that breaking out of our box was hard would be an understatement. It was more like a cataclysmic event. While preparing for the move, it appeared that my blood pressure medicine had stopped working. Pressure was up and down and the doc kept adjusting my meds until she realized that it was related to the move. After the move, it normalized. I thought I had everything under control, but my body knew better.

 Arriving in the UAE in the midst of 115 degree (46 celsius) weather (at night) was the first of many “what have I done” moments. In fact, during the first month and into the second, my constant silent refrain was “what was I thinking”. After four months, my new word is awesome. Every day is an awesome experience. At night, I stand on the balcony watching Indian guys playing cricket and every morning I am awakened by the azan or “call to prayer”. Depending on weather conditions, we either get to experience a 180 degree view of the mountains or they may be completely covered in haze or something in between. Another one of those awesome and unpredictable experiences.

 Last month, we traveled to Cairo, Aswan, Luxor and next month we go to Singapore, Thailand and Maylasia. This is not even a dream come true, because it is so far fetched, that I never even dreamed it. Bottomline…. We are not experiencing life… we are living an experience. We will do all that we can do while we are here and able. Who knows what next year will bring. Til the next time and the next place.

Clay and Aleta

3 thoughts on “Experience of a Lifetime

  1. Again what fun it is to travel with you and at least tangentially “experience” your adventures. I’m glad to know you’re well settled and fully enjoying the decision to live overseas. Your trip to Egypt and coming visits to Singapore and beyond are wonderful. I’ve been to none of these spots!

    Although I’m looking forward to visiting with old friends New Year’s Eve at the Progressive Dinner, the occasion doesn’t have the crisp newness your New Year’s Eve will have this year. Enjoy!

    Happy 2010,

  2. Okay, finally some news. It all sounds so great and wonderful. Aleta, you and Clay take Good wherever you go so I know that everyone there feels grateful you are there. I miss you and have been thinking of my good friends who add such zest to life.

    Love and Kisses from me and Joseph,


  3. Aleta and Clay-

    Congrats again on the move. I am so excited for you all. You will enjoy your SE Asia vacation. My wife and I had the opp to visit all three of those places while we lived in Laos. See you in 2010 in Dubai.

    To living the experience!



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