Awesome Every Day Experiences

 At first, I wrote frequently, but now it is taking more effort. Not because I don’t have anything to say, but life is constantly filling with awesome stuff!! In fact, I am overflowing with stories. I could write about my first thanksgiving away from my children and grandchildren, when we invited 21 of our new friends over for dinner which kept me from missing my kids.

I could write about the experience of feeling kinship with people who are “frequently out of the box.” For the first time in our lives, my husband and I are surrounded by people like ourselves, and we keep meeting more of them.

One of the many interesting things in my new life is traveling to foreign countries. Now you may think ‘whats the big deal’ … people travel to foreign countries all the time, but the expats here take travel to another level.  Prior to a school break, the faculty lounge is buzzing with talk of vacation plans to Singapore, Sri Lanka, Mumbai, Kenya, Zambia, and many, many more places. It is amazing how people use this gig in the UAE as a launching place for travel. In fact, that is frequently one of the reasons why people say they are here.

When planning our trip to Egypt, we had lots of resources in the faculty because so many of them had “been there, done that”. When we came back, I wanted to talk about shopping in the Cairo Souk , but yet again, they had “been there, done that”. I wanted to share the experience of traveling down the Nile passing by ruins and temples along the shore or passing picture postcard fields of .

One friend said she can see a book coming from all this, but that would take time away from the experience. In fact, just last week while riding a horsedrawn carriage in Luxor Egypt, I was so caught up in the experience that I wanted to stop and write about it, but that would have diminished the experience. So I will continue living this surreal life and occasionally I will stop and attempt to describe the indescribable.

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