Surreality at the Hilton Beach Resort and Spa

Kinda beginning to get used to this expat thing as I sit at the Hilton Resort and Spa in Ras Al Khaimah (RAK) overlooking the candle-lit salt water pool that overlooks the beach on the Arabian Gulf (ie., Persian Gulf). Mind you this was after taking a hilton resort and spa in rak 00245 minute brisk-walk along a paved beach path as the sun was setting followed by 40 minutes of exercise.  The Hilton experience was surreal because it came after a 12 hour work day, but by the time I worked out and showered, the work thing was fading and by the time we completed dinner, work was a vague memory.  With our membership, we can do this as often as we want. We may have discovered paradise.

Paradise-  You say! You may recall that just two months ago, I was lamenting the heat, grayness, sandiness and general ugliness of RAK. What happened is that Winter is arriving so the weather is now a comfortable 80 degrees, and Ramadan ended so there is much more activity. My husband and I are discovering things that we did not think existed here. Last weekend we went Salsa dancing at the Hilton, line dancing at the City Hotel, and walked along the newly built waterfront followed by dinner with friends at the creek’s edge. Tomorrow we go into Dubai for more Salsa dancing and touristy stuff.

Well, calling it paradise may be a stretch. Large chunks of RAK are still gray, dusty, sandy, and generally unkempt, but it’s beginning to grow on us. 

Stay tuned.

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